Safe and very affordable flying.

The Plane

  • 1966 Cessna 172G Skyhawk
  • 150 Hours since overhaul with new titan cylinders
  • 3400 Hours on airframe
  • Dual Narco D12+TSO NAV COMs with glide slope, push to talk
  • Century II Auto Pilot
  • IFR Certified
  • ADS-B out.
  • Many new parts, strut seals, muffler, tires, brakes, front and rear glass, oil filter adapter,

Join us and fly for as little as $ 350.00/year plus $ 70.00/month and $ 70.00/hour wet (Students 77.00/hour). $ 750.00 refundable deposit. 4 hours billed/year if you fly or not, quarterly.
Students accepted on an individual bases.

If you have any questions or like to come to a club meeting click on “Contact” in the menu or call and get in touch with us.